Is OWASP Benchmark Any Good?

A short analysis of the OWASP Benchmark project towards comparing the SAST tools

OWASP Benchmark

The OWASP Benchmark Project is a Java test suite designed to verify the speed and accuracy of vulnerability detection tools.

A single test case represented with an Java source file and a complementing XML file.

A Simple Analysis

// Simple if statement that assigns constant to bar on true condition
int num = 86;
if ((7 * 42) - num > 200) bar = "This_should_always_happen";
else bar = param;
DangerousMethod(bar); // a synthesized sink
String bar = "alsosafe";
if (param != null) {
java.util.List<String> valuesList = new java.util.ArrayList<String>();

valuesList.remove(0); // remove the 1st safe value

bar = valuesList.get(1); // get the last 'safe' value
DangerousMethod(bar); // a synthesized sink
SeparateClassRequest scr = new SeparateClassRequest(request);
String param = scr.getTheValue("BenchmarkTest00051");
String[] args = {a1, a2, "echo " + param};

ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder(args);
public String getTheValue(String p) {
return "bar";
String algorithm = benchmarkprops.getProperty("cryptoAlg1", "AES/ECB/PKCS5Padding");
# This file contains various property values used by various test cases in the OWASP Benchmark

A Short Critique

A classified benchmark test cases of FlowBlot.NET against SAST tools.
Cookie cookie = new javax.servlet.http.Cookie("SomeCookie", str);





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